• Family Chiropractic & Neurology

    Dr. Doroski is a board certified chiropractic neurologist

  • Chiropractic Exams & Diagnosis

    Dr. Doroski offers specialized care for injuries resulting from auto accidents, at work and during sports

  • Headaches - Neck pain - Back Pain

    Gentle care for: headaches, neck pain, whiplash, pinched nerves, back pain, slipped discs, sore joints, sciatica, shoulder pain and nerve pain!

  • Sport Injuries

    Specialized care for injuries during sports

  • In-Office X-Ray Abilities

    Physical therapy, massage therapy, pressure point therapy and other rehabilitation services

  • Auto Accident Injuries Treatments

    Relieve pain, boost mobility and improve athletic performance with our chiropractic treatments

Meet your Chiropractor in Woodbridge VA, Dale City VA and Lake Ridge VA:

Dr Scott Doroski has been a Chiropractor in the Woodbridge, Lake Ridge and Dale City VA area for over 25 years.  Chiropractors in Woodbridge, Dale City and Lake Ridge VA region all start with the same knowledge base. In 1999 Dr Scott Doroski decided to add more expertise to his Woodbridge, Dale City and Lake Ridge Virginia Chiropractic office and underwent a 3 year continuing education program in Neurology.  Becoming Woodbridge Virginia’s only Chiropractor with a Neurology Diplomate.  This continuing Chiropractic education helps your Woodbridge VA Chiropractor diagnose and treat patients suffering from routine Chiropractic injuries as well as more complex injuries.  Since most Chiropractic injuries have a Neurological component as well, this continuing Chiropractic education has been valuable to his Woodbridge, Lake Ridge and Dale City VA patients.  Dr Scott Doroski has been successfully treating patients in Woodbridge, Lake Ridge, and Dale City Virginia area with a combination of chiropractic and physical therapy modalities.

Treatment is usually given the same day.  Once treatment is complete patients are instructed in home therapies and home exercises.

Dr Scott Doroski studied for his Chiropractic Neurology diplomate with the Carrick Institute.  The program is one of the hardest diplomates for a chiropractor to achieve.  The institute is known worldwide for its excellence in functional neurology and has been showcased on various news outlets.  Your chiropractor in Woodbridge, Dale City And Lake Ridge VA area achieved this degree, so he could better treat his Woodbridge Virginia patient’s.

Dr Doroski also has a certification with the Spine Research Institute of San Diego.   This allows Dr Doroski to better treat and diagnose auto accident victims.

Call your Chiropractor in Woodbridge, Lake Ridge and Dale City now to schedule an appointment for a consultation, 703.730.9588

Dr Scott Doroski  is one of the best Chiropractors in the Woodbridge, Dale City and Lake Ridge VA area.

Visit us at our Woodbridge Virginia location:

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