Core Basics

We hear it everywhere we turn with regards to low back pain.  You need to strengthen your core!  That is true but it needs to be done properly.  It used to be strengthen your abs and your back will be more stable.  So off to the ab roller everyone went.  This type of training can actually make your low back weaker.  Not to bore you with details but every time you contract your abs your brain sends a message to your low back to relax.  If your low back didn’t relax you would be able to do a crunch.  The same way when I contract my biceps to bend my elbow my brain tells my triceps to relax.  Doing tons of ab exercises makes your brain tell your low back to relax.  So, you need to train your abs and low back in coordination with each other.  Your Woodbridge, Dale City VA Chiropractor has a few easy core exercises to help you start.

Basic Core Exercises for Beginners


Easy to learn and perform, Supermans strengthen the often-neglected lower back, a common source of pain. They also provide a great full-body stretch to finish up your workout.

Lie with stomach on ground, arms extended overhead and legs straight

Raise arms and legs as high as possible and hold for five to 10 seconds; keep arms straight and core tight

Slowly lower and repeat for specified reps

Sets/Reps: 3-4×20


Bird Dogs

Assume all-fours position with back flat; look straight ahead

Slowly raise right arm and left leg and hold for five to 10 seconds; keep core right

Slowly lower and perform on opposite site

Repeat for specified reps

Sets/Reps: 3-4×20 each side



Assume plank position with elbows under shoulders, back flat and eyes focused on ground

Keep core tight and hold position for specified time

Sets/Duration: 3-4×60-120 seconds





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