Low Back Stretches

Low back pain is one of the most common health related injuries.  The thing I hear a lot in my Woodbridge, Dale City VA Chiropractic office is “I didn’t even do anything”!  Some of the types of injuries are even hard for me to believe and I have been a chiropractor in the Woodbridge, Dale City VA area for over 20 years.  The thing I try to tell people is it is almost never that one thing that hurt your back it is the last two or three weeks that lead up to the injury.  For the most part it is long standing tightness.  All your back muscles attach to your spine and pelvis.  As they continue to tighten over the course of weeks they increase the load on the joints until you sneeze, pick up a piece of paper, stretch, go to the bathroom….  Yes, the list goes on but it is rarely the actual cause.

Here are some daily stretches you can do to keep your back stretched and relaxed so the muscles function correctly.

  1. The Deep Squat

Stand up straight with your arms folded across your chest. Place your feet shoulder-width apart and toes pointing out slightly.  Squat down as far as you can, keeping your heels on the floor. As you squat ensure your weight goes into your heels and not your toes. For a full range of movement, your bum should sit down by your heels and your head should be tall and looking forward. Perform the exercise slowly when lowering down, giving yourself time to keep control and lower all the way – or as far as your range of movement will allow.  Pause for a count of two at the bottom of the squat, allowing your groin area to relax. Your knees should be directed slightly outwards in alignment with your feet. Keeping your knees out, squeeze your gluteals and stand up out of the squat.  Only go as far as you can without any pain. As you perform the exercise regularly you will slowly but surely be able to achieve greater flexibility.  Do this for 2 sets of 10.


  1. Knee to Chest

Lie on your back, flex your knees up and do a pelvic tilt so you press your lower back flat to the floor.  Slowly and gently pull your right knee to your chest at a slight angle towards your left shoulder.  Hold for 5 seconds and release back to the bent position.  Then repeat with the opposite leg.  Do this 10 times in alternating fashion

  1. Downward Dog

Place your hands and feet on the floor, shoulder-width apart, knees bent and hips high.  Your heels should be off the floor at this point. Relax your head and neck so you are looking towards your knees.  Do a pelvic tilt so your lower back is arched and your spine is straight.  Now straighten your arms and pull your shoulder blades together. Straighten your knees as well.    You may lose the arch in your low back but don’t allow your lumbar spine to flex.  This will require a good abdominal squeeze to maintain the lumbar arch.  Hold for 30 seconds and relax.  Repeat 5 times.

  1. Spine twists

Sit down with your legs loosely crossed. Pull your back up tall and stick your chest out so that you are sitting upright with perfect posture. Fold your arms across your chest.  Tighten your abs so that your pelvis is stable. Then slowly turn your head and shoulders to one side. Turn as far as you can and you will feel the stretch in the rib area. Hold the end position for a count of two and then turn across to the other side and repeat.  Perform two sets of 10 repetitions each side.

Do not force any of these exercises and if you feel any discomfort stop.  Keeping your low back stretched will help you prevent some low back injuries but routine chiropractic visits with these stretches can help prevent the big injuries.  Of course injuries are inevitable but if your try to prevent the preventable ones you can eliminate a lot of pain from your life.





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