Carpal Tunnel Prevention

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be very problematic especially now that everything we do seems to involve a keyboard of some sort.  This used to be an injury seen mainly in people who type all day.  Now everything we do no matter what your job seems to involve typing or keyboard use.  Complete side note my mom got it from knitting.  As your chiropractor in the Woodbridge, Dale City VA area I want to show you a stretch that can help.

The forearm and digit energizer series is a great way to manage that fatigue and pain you are feeling creep into your hands and wrists from excessive typing, gripping, or handstand walking.

This series is challenging and can place your hands into a position that they may not be comfortable being in to start, so exercise restraint on your first time. If you find your hands, wrists, or fingers are tender in any of these stretches, try first to reduce the pressure applied, and then slowly and progressively increase that pressure over time until you gain a full range of motion. We encourage you to challenge yourself with the finger flexing and neuromuscular components shown as well. You will be surprised at how much dexterity you gain from just a few round of this series, and the fatigue you feel when you first begin is expected. However, in time, when your fingers are dancing across your keyboard pain free and you suddenly are able to shuffle a deck of cards like a riverboat gambler, you will understand why we call it the energizer series!


A couple things to remember:

Complete 5-10 good reps of all the exercises shown, and take the time to slow down the movement and get a good amount of time under tension for these small endurance muscles.

Spend more time, 60-90 seconds, in the stretching ranges that are especially difficult or hard to stretch.




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