How to start exercising correctly!


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You want to start to work out but where to begin and how? Here are some thing to think about and do before starting.

  1.  Start with a personal trainer.  Some of the gym machines can be intimidating and start out by using the correctly.
  2. Warm up.  Light stretching and some cardio to get the blood pumping is always a great idea.
  3. Hydrate!  Your muscles need water to function correctly and are less likely to spasm.
  4. Mix up your routine.  Once you learn five or six exercises for a muscle group do different activities each time to keep the muscles guessing.
  5. You aren’t 18 anymore.  What you did in high school doesn’t apply now.
  6. Get proper equipment!  Good running shoes and some lifting gloves can go a long way to making exercise enjoyable and a great way to avoid injuries.
  7. Feed your body!  It is hard to starve yourself and work out.  Make sure you are getting the proper nutrition.  Talk to a nutritionist about your goals.  The guy in the locker room doesn’t count.
  8. Don’t forget cardio!  An even mix of cardio and weight and training will go a long way towards not getting hurt
  9. Don’t “walk it off.”  If you hurt something go see someone.  Chiropractors are a great at helping you prevent injuries and help keep your body functioning at its best.


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