Hydration and our appearance!

Can we slow down aging or at the least its appearance!

We can’t avoid getting older, trust me I have tried.  So since that is going to happen anyway, how can we at least age gracefully?  One of the big things I beat my Woodbridge, Dale City Virginia Chiropractic patients over the head with is hydration.  Hydration plays a huge factor in muscle spasm but it also plays a huge factor in how we look.  That seems to get their attention more than how it can help with the spasms.

The term dehydration sounds so drastic and no one thinks it can happen to them.  After all we live in a world of abundance and water is everywhere.  I tell my Woodbridge, Dale City VA chiropractic patients yes water is everywhere but it isn’t in your glass.  That will get me the “oh yea but I drink plenty of tea, juice, coffee, soda…”  Dehydrate, dehydrate, dehydrate and dehydrate.  Caffeine and sugar drinks do the opposite of hydrate.  There is a reason you can sit down and drink a 64 ounce soda in a half hour lunch break but a 64 ounce water takes all day.  One is hydrating and one isn’t.  When our insides dry out so do our outsides.  Vanity is one way to get people back in to hydrating.

Tom Myers put together a great video that is 4 minutes long and really covers this information and it doesn’t involve reading!  So pop open a frosty water and enjoy!




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