Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain tips from Doroski Chiropractic Neurology in Woodbridge Virginia.

Upper back pain can be caused by a few different things but posture plays a big role in how your upper back feels.  It is one of the few types of back pain that you actually have a little control over.  The problem is so many of our normal daily tasks put us in postures that can cause the pain to persist.  Here are some of the potential causes of upper back pain.  Some are mild and predictable while others are something to be more concerned about.

1.  Repetitive stress and overuse are one of the most common ways to get upper back pain.

2.  Poor Posture.  In our blog at DoroskiChiropractic.com we discuss ways to set up your work station to prevent these problems.

3.  General muscle pain and fibromyalgia tends to be very common in this are also.

There are also the predicable causes of upper back pain such as lifting something to heavy, sports injuries, car accidents and overall trauma.  These are injuries that don’t leave you guessing as to why your upper back is sore.

Most of the above listed complaints are self-limiting and can be treated by your chiropractor.

Other conditions such as arthritis, fracture, scoliosis, degeneration, fracture, and dis injuries can cause upper back pain and can be co-treated with your chiropractor but they may also need an orthopedic consult if they fail to improve.

No matter what the cause pain in your upper back is very common and starting at your local chiropractor can sometimes eliminate the complaint completely.

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